This is the page of fuz. Send mail to fuz@fuz.su. Have a look at my Curriculum Vitæ if you want to hire me.

Pretty Good Privacy

The following key with the fingerprint 51DB5D25 is my PGP-key. Please use it to encrypt mail or to check signatures for fuz@fuz.su.

pub   4096R/51DB5D25 2012-12-09
      Key fingerprint = 1577 4949 42C8 A41C 2326  1244 A836 7939 51DB 5D25
uid                  Robert Clausecker <fuz@fuz.su>
uid                  Robert Clausecker <fuz@pi.d00m.org>
sub   4096R/208F1FE5 2012-12-09


I like to write programs in Assembly, C, Go, Haskell, J and Shellscript. Some stuff is available below. Feel free to use these programs. See the linked pages for details.



Some talks I prepared for various occasions.